short fiction stories

A collection of fictional short stories by me

This is a collection of my favorite short stories that I have written. They don’t necessarily fit into any one genre, but they are all somehow connected to my experiences. Any resemblance is not purely coincidental. I hope you enjoy them all!

  • Why Did God Reject Cain’s Offering? | A Strictly Objective View
    It was the moment when Cain and Abel presented their offerings to God that set the stage for one of the most debated religious topics of all time: why did God reject Cain’s offering but accept Abel’s? Traditionally, the answer has been based on religious beliefs. But from a strictly objective viewpoint, there are several other possible explanations for this decision. I have endeavored to cover the most widely discussed objective, secular, and scientific theories … Read more
  • A Conversation Between a Neanderthal and a Homo Sapien
    Modern human: Who the heck are you? Neanderthal: I am a Neanderthal. Who are you? Modern human: I am a modern human or Homo sapien. Neanderthal: What is that? Some kind of new species? Modern human: Nope, we’ve been around for a while. But you guys went extinct about 40,000 years ago. Neanderthal: 40,000 years ago? That’s a long time! What happened to us? Modern human: Well, there are a few theories. Some scientists think … Read more
  • The Beauty of Two Universes Interacting
    Two universes in a multiverse find a way to interact with each other. In one universe, the laws of physics are very strict. On the other, they are much more relaxed. Like the gravity in one universe is significantly weaker than the other. Even the speed of light is different. It takes considerable effort for the two universes to find a way to communicate with each other. And more often than not, they miscommunicate instead … Read more