My travelogs

Places I’ve been to and things I’ve seen. Photos and stories of my trips around my country and the world. Most of these places may be unknown to you, or the stories may be different from what you’ve heard. But that’s what makes travel so interesting and unique. Explore with me through my travelogs!

  • Taksim Square Street Food – Authentic & Tasty
    I went to Turkey for work in 2019. It was a short, 5-day trip, and I didn’t visit any other cities except Istanbul. But I did discover “The City on Seven Hills” as much as I could. After work, every day, my friend and I took to the city streets. We would walk for hours, or by metro and tram, discovering the sights and sounds of the city. We had vowed not to visit the … Read more
  • Neela Sandh – A Secret Picnic Spot Near Islamabad
    Over the years, I have discovered many secret picnic spots near Islamabad. Neela Sandh is one of my favorites. A friend took me there for the first time in 2013, and I was totally blown away. I was totally mesmerized by its beautiful blue and green waters flowing between the mountains. And the best thing is that it’s not crowded like other more popular picnic spots in and around Islamabad. What I love the most … Read more
  • A Trip To Moola Chotok – The Hidden Gem of Balochistan
    I came home from work late one night, it was already 11-ish when my cousin hit me up and asked to jump in with his friends on an unexpected journey. They were leaving in an hour or two. I didn’t even know where we were going. Moola Chotok was the answer. It is a small village situated in the Khuzdar District of Balochistan, Pakistan. The place is heaven, he said! It is famous for its … Read more