Shaking hands – Should I Do It? – 7 Reasons

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Do you think it’s time somebody talked openly about handshaking etiquettes? I mean, I personally believe people need to be more considerate of the situation they are shaking hands in. I have wanted to write about it for quite some time. Here are some situations when I believe you should NEVER offer your hand:

If you see that the other person is eating or has their hands full. There is no need to make them uncomfortable by extending your hand in this situation.

I find it extremely weird when someone extends their hand for a handshake when I’m writing or typing something. It’s very distracting, and seriously, it’s not necessary.

If you are in a crowd and it’s hard to move around, avoid handshaking, as it will only make things awkward for everyone involved.

If you just wiped your nose or tissue or sneezed while covering your mouth with your palm, please don’t offer the same hand for a handshake. It’s SHOCKINGLY rude, and there is really no excuse for this kind of behavior.

If you are carrying something in one hand, or if you see the other person holding onto something, respect the fact that they can’t shake your hand and just politely wave instead.

Kids should never be forced into giving a handshake, especially if they are very young. I’ve personally seen people grabbing an infant’s hand forcefully for a handshake, and it’s not okay!

Finally, never shake your hand if your hands are ice-cold! It sends shivers down my spine and makes me want to recoil in horror!

I know and completely understand that handshaking is an important part of our social interaction, but the bottom line is to use your common sense and be considerate when offering a handshake. Respect other people’s personal space and don’t make them uncomfortable. After all, it’s just a handshake!

Agree or disagree, let me know what you think.

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